Solahart Albany & Great Southern

Last Update: May 2022

Address 9 Minna St, Centennial Park WA, Australia
Phone +61 1300 721 984
Categories Solar Energy Equipment Supplier, Solar Hot Water System Supplier
Rating 4.9 8 reviews
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Solahart Albany & Great Southern Reviews [2022]

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When choosing a business to work with, it is always important to do your research in order to make an informed decision. Today, this is especially true, as there are countless companies competing for our business and trying to convince us that they offer the best products and services.

25 March 2022 9:46

We had two great workers turn up in 37 degree heat to install the solar panels, they were efficient, worked quickly, did a great job and left the patio and garden as they had found it. I'd highly recommend Solarhart Albany and their team, from start to finish they organised everything. I'm looking forward to reaping the benefits now of cheaper power bills. Well done, I am happy to recommend them.

28 January 2022 3:20

After some initial problems with auto answering service I got hold of Darren. He was extremely helpful and he took the time to fully understand my requirements and promptly supply a quote.

09 January 2022 4:16

Great customer service. Went into detail and explained what everything was and what would happen and how solar power works. Very happy with my solar system

22 March 2021 4:59

Had a Tesla PW2 and a new 6.6kw solar System installed. Great service from start to finish. Highly recommended.

02 February 2021 8:06

Great service. THANK YOU SOLAHART ALBANY. Practical advise with no sales pressure. I learn a lot from the discussion with Howard, and Jess wa so helpful with organising interest free terms. Installation was quick and neat with a follow up visit to check the system was working. Great outfit of professionals. Mark and Rachael

26 January 2021 15:47

Couldn't believe how easy and fast this service was. They definitely didn't want to upsell us and explained what system we needed for our energy consumption. Prompt install and neat finish by friendly installers.

27 December 2020 22:43

Prompt, efficient, informative, respectful. Great service. LOVE having hot water shower again!

18 December 2020 13:04

Excellent service. Everything was explained thoroughly prior to installation. Howard was clear with his advise on what we needed and we are very happy with the product. Very professional and friendly installation team too. Would certainly recommend.

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