Metro Hotel Perth

Last Update: May 2022

Address 61 Canning Hwy, South Perth WA, Australia
Phone +61 8 9367 6122
Categories Hotel
Rating 3 45 reviews
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Metro Hotel Perth Reviews [2022]

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02 May 2022 19:27

First got a wrong room without balcony but we booked a standard room with balcony then they changed a dirty room for me as the pics

Air conditioner remote broken!
Told reception and wait more than 1 hr no one can help and no reply (very hot day!)

Very not recommend be careful with your money

02 May 2022 10:35

Staff always happy and helpful great pricing with lots of parking one of mine favorite place to stay for a decent price with wonderful views of the City only down side is the outside isn't polished as the rest of hotel

29 April 2022 11:42

I stayed at this hotel three nights from 25/3/22 to 28-3/22.
My booking was for Standard Economy Room and requested: Non-smoking, Large bed, Quiet room. 6 minutes after the booking on 21/3/22 I have received an email from the motel that said:
"Dear Guest,
We are pleased to inform you that your special request has been received and approved.
Best Regards"
I even followed up on the phone regarding the request and I was again informed my request will be honoured.
However, when I arrived I saw I was placed in another room with four single beds. Also the lamp between the beds was not working and the room had signs that said "no smoking or vaping in the room or balcony yet there was over 50 cigarette butts on the balcony- as a non smoker it was inconvenience to sit on the balcony as the smell and sight of the cigarette butts were horrible and unsettling.

My booking was non refundable and I believe I was deceived and was given false acknowledgement of special requests as the person/hotel knew I had no choice but to accept whatever I was given. This is false advertisement and reassurance on the hotel part. To make things worse when informed the staff at the hotel reception desk about this issue, the male and female at the desk both rolled their eyes and seemed bored and annoyed at my complaint. I was told "it is luck of the draw when it comes to room placements". I find that ridiculous and insufficient and I think a honest approach of letting the customer know their special requests are unable to be met is more better.

20 April 2022 0:42

The rooms are great: service excellent. View is what its all about watching the lights come on over Perth is awesome.

10 March 2022 14:33

We currently have associates staying at this hotel for 7 days quarantine. Seriously substandard.

10 March 2022 4:44

This is my first time live in here, the area of room is big, pirce is acceptable, I will recommend it to my friends

08 February 2022 7:14

Old, dated room, but clean and tidy. Stunning views of old thrown out mattresses and other rubbish on a run down patio area.

07 February 2022 13:17

I do not understand how this hotel is rated 3.5 stars. It’s honestly a disgrace for the area that it is located in.
The room was disgusting. Floors looked like they haven’t been cleaned in years. Whether it is vomit stains or something else I’m not sure. Bed and bed frame had stains all over it. Bathrooms were also stained and filthy.
The curtains were falling off and dust covered every inch of the room, I cannot forget to mention the fact that the smell within the hotel and hotel rooms were putrid.
I went onto their website and made a purchase based off the advertised content. It is nothing near the photos on there!
They only thing that was nice is the view I believe that’s all we really paid for… definitely regret the stay and don’t recommend!

05 February 2022 3:01

Return visitor. We were in room 21. Right outside lifts with restricted views due to air conditioning ducts. Water from upstairs aircon was leaking water onto our balcony so couldn't use outdoor chairs anyway. Shower was completely blocked and leaked through screen onto bathroom floor. Toilet roll holder broken and very noisy air con. Maybe we got a dud room as we booked through an Americam site to get cheaper price as hotel could not match it when I called them? Disappointed this stay Only bright thing was service from Simon.

01 February 2022 20:03

The stay in the hotel is really poor. This is a really very substandard hotel. The wifi internet service provided is pathetic. The complaint about the internet was raised to the hotel staff and an email was sent to the hotel management and now action was taken what so ever. There are cockroaches in the room and leaking pipelines inside toilet. I recommend not to take this hotel. This is an outdated hotel.

20 January 2022 6:28

Booked a " stay and play ' package which on the surface appeared to be excellent value.
2 nights Included breakfast, a daily platter and a bottle of wine.
It was 39 degrees in perth, so we thought we would take advantage of the hotel, stay indoors, watch a bit of netflix on our tablets and generally laze around.
Checked in, the receptionist had no idea of the package.
Room was ok with a great view.
Noticed that the wifi came on but stopped about 5 minutes later and the The TV didn't work, so returned to reception and she advised maintenance would be up soon to fix.

3 hours later and nothing, returned and eventually Simon came to was a simple fix and the rear button had been switched off. (why wouldn't someone be checking that before entry but no biggie).
Platter didn't surface so chased that up.
The wifi kept dropping out and Simon said he would boost it.
No effect whatsoever over 2 days. Wifi would last about 10 minutes max before cutting out
Basically they have no wifi in this hotel. What modern hotel doesn't provide wifi?
We had no access for any streaming and stuck in 39 degree heat.
Chased up the platter on day 2 because they forgot again
Breakfast was ok on day 1
Weekend chef must have been an emergency on day 2 as he couldn't fry an egg - rubber!
Overall, if they ever get some wifi, a new chef and get their act together, it would be ok.
Not this time.won't be back

19 January 2022 6:42

Do not recommend

We Have current stayed and it was disgusting.

The first room we where given stunk of weed even when the manager came up he said the same thing. We where then given another room 2 doors down. Things didn't get any better. Another guest was given the same room so to our surprise random people unlocked the door and entered our room. The reception had no idea until told by both parties.
We alstayed with my daughter who is 15 months old and there was no drain cover on the bath tub drain meaning my daughter could fit her arm down the hole, no plug for the tub. Broken beds, airconditioner dirty and uncleaned, vent in bathroom full of dust. How can you be charging people to stay in a place like this. Absolutely not acceptable

12 January 2022 22:49

Asked when I booked for 1 dbl and 2 single beds and also asked at reception the same but ended up with 1 dbl and 1 single bed. Couldn't be bothered going back downstairs to complain after unloading luggage. No spoon to stir my coffee had to use my finger. Half the channels didn't work on the TV.

23 August 2021 17:54

Wouldn’t recommend it as it is very run down, to the point of hazardous. Struck in the face by a poorly maintained sliding shower door. Perhaps they can use the cost of the free breakfast they offered to repair the shower door in room 58 before it gives someone a serious injury.
Edit: I just scrolled thru the reviews of the Metro and see there is a photo of a broken shower door from 2 years ago. They have known of this problem for years and done nothing!

23 July 2021 21:54

A few arguements and fights which didnt go down to well, only would recommend it if you had no where to go

19 July 2021 6:45

We stayed for two nights in the Riverview room on floor 7. The corridor outside our room smelt like mould and on closer inspection, we found mould growing in a large wet patch in the centre and at the end of the carpet in that corridor. We reported it to staff on night 1, and then when the smell got worse we reported it to the assistant manager upon leaving. Both staff acted as if they didn't know about the problem, however on two occasions we saw cleaning staff spraying the patches with what looked like deodoriser. Very disappointed to then see reviews of the same from 4 months prior. This is a shame because the view is amazing. Won't be returning.

01 July 2021 23:38

Amazing reception staff, upgrade to top floor balcony room as we were early to check in and our room wasn't ready. Great room with excellent balcony view to the City and very quiet. Also parking is a bonus when you travel from the country.

02 June 2021 23:47

Room average, no outlet for charging mobile so you must have all your cords and power plugs, hallway dirty and musky, hotel overall getting old

06 May 2021 17:25

Big comfy beds, perfect pillows. Great views and central location. It was noisy the first night but the lovely reception staff member - Aaron- graciously upgraded us to a room with even better views. Spacious rooms. No microwave- not really self contained- so come prepared. Dated but doesnt matter as it was comfortable and great value for money.

24 April 2021 10:11

Friendly reception. Very clean room. Comfy beds. Lovely view of the city. Very friendly staff. We will definitely come back.

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