Jessie's Cafe & Roasting Co.

Last Update: May 2022

Address 2/8 Hayden Ct, Myaree WA, Australia
Phone +61 1300 887 677
Categories Cafe, Breakfast Restaurant, Coffee Shop
Rating 4.2 25 reviews
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Jessie's Cafe & Roasting Co. Reviews [2022]

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08 March 2022 16:53

Honestly the best, most consistent and flavourful coffee you can have. The atmosphere which has been created inside really sets the tone for the dedicated and calm service provided. Food is top notch and always fresh. Lunch breaks at Jessie’s are always a breath of fresh air

04 August 2021 19:45

Coffee is always on point, staff are always friendly. Buzzing blend is my favourite beans to purchase for home and the free coffee with purchase is an added bonus!

29 July 2021 23:00

This cafe business started about 9 years ago. On arrival, there were many patrons queued up for coffee and food. After I tasted the coffee, I knew the reason why people loved the coffee here. The coffee tasted a bit smoky and aromatic, well balanced between bitterness and sourness. I like it! Besides, they also sell other coffee, ice tea and drinks. (2021-07)

19 May 2021 15:16

I’ve worked a few years as a barista but this is genuinely the best coffee I’ve had so far in perth, beautiful smooth and silky, perfectly steamed milk, amazing vibe and atmosphere too 10/10 recommend *chefs kiss

14 March 2021 18:57

Dropped in first time, after leaving car at RAC for service, friendly staff, great long macchiatos, mango and coconut muffin, grilled, with butter was tender moist and packed with flavour, loved the chunks of mango, hubby’s sausage roll was well heated under the grill, crispy & filled with meat. Constant stream of takeaway customers. We’ll be back to this excellent little gem!

11 March 2021 13:47

Coffee was good. I love the ambience and was quite impressed how busy such a tiny shop can be. The only downside was that it was a hot day and the air-con was off. It felt like I was in an oven. Not so pleasant.

09 February 2021 19:21

I've been here a few times to buy coffee beans. The staff are always friendly and happy. Very good service and very tasty coffee. Loved the atmosphere of this place too. You even get a complimentary coffee when you buy a bag of coffee beans!

13 December 2019 23:00

They’re coffee is amazing. I have a flat white this morning and it was d‘bom. Surely will be back.

05 September 2019 14:50

This little cafe and rising company is hidden in a light industrial area. The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable; well decorated. But it's the coffee you come here for. I just ordered the house blend to find out what they recommend. It was lovely! Top notch stuff. They have some typical cafe fare in the display fridge would looked good but I didn't buy any. I didn't check to see if they have a menu, but I don't think it's that sort of place.

22 April 2019 18:33

Fabulous experience. Multiple almond milk brand options, real chai leaves used to make chai latte, good coffee, chilled music & cool decor, friendly quick service. Plus tasty banana bread

07 February 2019 11:07

Absolutely love the place! Great coffee, great courses! Definitely a must-try in the Perth Coffee scene. Just wish I could come down more often by grabbing a coffee after school! (yeah school finishes at 3: ()

31 January 2019 17:00

This place rocks. A funky little coffee place that serves incredible coffee.

A few cakes, bagels and slices available which are delicious. We tried the fruit bread today and it was super tasty. The almond milk latte was so tasty. Friendly and quick service.

They sell their own roasted coffee beans in vast varieties. A good selection of eco cups for sale too.

Such a great ambience when you step in. Comfy sofas and chairs make it very relaxing. Truly a hidden suprise where you can chill and enjoy your incredible tasting coffee. Will be back today!

21 December 2018 3:18

A hidden gem! Love the decor. The bagel and coffee are to die for! Friendly service. Plenty of parking spaces. Highly recommended. Will be back with my troops.

08 December 2018 12:01

The girls at Jessie's are always so friendly and inviting as soon as I walk in the door, and the coffee is delicious. I'm also a big fan of their GF bagels!

25 November 2018 14:28

This place is great! Superb coffee, exciting food and great atmosphere. Staff are always super friendly too. Highly recommend:)

10 November 2018 19:12

Awesome people, coffee, atmosphere - our go-to choice for fuelling up when we've got a huge day of cats ahead! And being able to take SMS orders? AND keep our coffee cards on premise? #magic ️️

31 October 2018 5:20

Love the coffee and the staff is friendly. I am a little sad that every time I go in there are never any vegan bagels anymore. I’d love to have one again sometime soon!

17 August 2018 23:27

Good coffee, just a shame not open in christmas holidays.several times went to go and it was closed.

20 May 2018 12:58

The coffee, Chai and service were fantastic. Very small food selection and limited seating sue to the small location but it has a fantastic vibe. Highly recommend

17 May 2018 5:57

I love Jessie's coffee. I buy their coffee beans for home. However, they need to improve their customer service. There are a couple of girls on the front counter that can be just plain abrupt and not willing to serve you quickly. It is as though you are interrupting their day. I suggest the management, urgently, teach some of these girls manners and what great service is all about.

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