Crown Towers Perth

Last Update: May 2022

Address Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA, Australia
Phone +61 8 9362 7777
Categories Hotel
Rating 3.5 48 reviews
Nearest branches
The Mansions at Crown Hotel Perth — Great Eastern Hwy, Perth WA
Crown Promenade Perth — Great Eastern Highway Burswood, Perth WA
Crown Metropol Perth — Great Eastern Highway Burswood, Perth WA
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Crown Towers Perth Reviews [2022]

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30 January 2022 12:51

Stayed overnight with family.nice room, immaculately presented and as per website description. Caught the pool on a windy, lower temp day, kids loved it though. All staff I spoke to were exceptionally polite and well mannered. Gym is good too. I went in at 4am to try avoid peak or busy periods, but obviously the entire hotel were still sleeping so I got 2 hours of the whole gym to myself. View wasn't good but I don't book a room to look out a window at a place where I live lol.

26 January 2022 12:45

Stayed at Crown Towers last Sunday - I found someone else’s blood stains on our bedding. The safe, phone and tablet weren’t working. They offered me a free upgrade for my next stay but I asked to have a partial refund or gift voucher instead but because I booked through they could only offer me a refund for my valet parking. Would never stay again and wouldn’t recommend.

16 January 2022 0:07

Very poor customer service. Rang up the Reservation department 3 times in a day. No follow up calls. Trying to book for a work Christmas Party at Atrium for 30 people and they kept delaying by saying they will give me a call once the group booking team is free. No calls at all. No follow ups. Very unprofessional management. Absolutely disappointed.

14 January 2022 1:52

Had the worst night ever I got to the hotel and went to check in and they ask me for a bond? Since when do hotels have bonds.

So I got to the room and it was a mess bed wasn’t made towels on the floor food tray on the table.

I valet parked my car and I went to request it then they bring up someone else’s car and then they took 45 minutes to find mt car.

Absolutely disgusted with crown and I will never be returning there again.

11 January 2022 3:02

Great 5 star accommodation, clean large rooms, professional and friendly staff, great views over river, city and beyond

07 January 2022 12:59

Service standards are getting back up there but still not quite there except for the crystal club where it's top-notch.

Covid has had an effect on services like the Cristal club making it not as special but it's understandable during these times. It's still a wonderful place to stay.

It’s great to see that Perth has finally got a truly five star hotel. Not just in looks but also in service standards. We had a Crystal Club package that allowed us separate checking, our own floor with food and drinks and an extra level of service that made us feel very special. We don’t do this often so it was a real treat and if your one that does this rarely I suggest paying that little extra for crystal club. Well worth it. I love Art Deco design and the whole hotel is stunningly appointed with old world Art Deco charm. Check out the lobby bar for sheer luxury. The views of the river are stunning from the rooms (water facing rooms). The pool is a real haven of fun for all ages with restricted areas for adults only making it quieter if u want that. If I could give this place 6 stars I would.

06 January 2022 17:24

Don't waste your money.
We got there and had to line up for 15-20 mins just to check in
We asked that if we arrived early we could access some of the facilities, but no, we couldn't even sit by the pool for a drink while the room was prepared
Not once was there mention on reserving spots at the pool before we got there? Every sun lounger had a towel on it so we couldn't sit by the pool and all the best shady spots were reserved. Speaking of which, $175 to hire some shade at the pool is a disgusting and unashamed money-grab.
They've also put the TV right in front of the beautiful view of the city skyline (and then bolted it to the cabinet) so you can't fully get to see your view.
This hardly felt like an "exclusive", "prestigious" hotel.

I felt like part of a herd of cattle getting milked for every cent they possibly could. When you spend so much money on something you expect little luxuries that make life more convenient and instead we got the opposite.

If you're after luxury accommodation go to the Ritz.

29 December 2021 18:00

WOW. What a beautiful place to stay. The room is magnificent and the staff just couldn't do enough to help. Great way to surprise my wife for her birthday and our wedding anniversary. Will definitely come back.

21 December 2021 22:52

Very expensive for what it is. No complimentary water and only sachet coffee for $450+ a night. Plus if u do t have a credit card they want a $500 bond! So if ur booking here be sure to bring your cheque book! Other hotels in Perth are much better value.

18 December 2021 10:05

Room and pool service was outstanding. Got a phone call at 7: 30pm at dinner to say our room key needed to be recoded. After dinner went to reception and was told we now have to pay a $3000 deposit for our room after being here for 3 days. We extended our room by 1 day. Was not told at the time of booking the room, was not told when we collected our keys after being at reception 3 times but was told at 9pm at night after a romantic dinner that if we did not pay the deposit they would not let us enter our room. Totally spoilt our experience. Mohammed the night manager was rude and kept talking over me and nearly had me in tears. He should be ashamed of the service he provided me and my husband.

11 December 2021 10:13

Had xmas work dinner at the atrium
Long cues for food
But food was mostly good
We had free drinks in the package
But all could legally drive home
Cos servis was so bad
We got our first drink 1 hr after ordering
I am happy I dident book a room at 500 a night so I could drink
Made a record in lows for a xmas party
I'm happy I wasent paying for it
Would not go agen
Can go get Chinese at the local
And get a carton and have a better time
I guess its ok if you don't expect much

10 December 2021 20:18

750 a night for the king deluxe room on the third level that looked straight onto roofs and aircon units of adjoining buildings. We were expecting something half decent for the price, Crown website states deluxe king rooms ‘have picturesque views of Darling Scarp’. We let the reception know we were unhappy with the room outlook, they didn’t care and said we should have paid more for a different room. Very disappointing, will not return. Plenty of other 5 star hotels in Perth who care about their guests and have rooms that match description advertised on their website.

09 December 2021 20:02

Had an Awesome Dinner at The Pinnacles Business Awards.
Beautiful Set up, Awesome Atmosphere

05 December 2021 23:43

Stayed in crown tower for one night in studio room was very comfy and the service was great.
But there is no parking near crown tower we had to park where near the casino and took us about 10mins to walk to the crown tower reception with our luggage.
The reception had informed us there is valet parking option, but $55 for one night.

21 August 2021 18:54

If you go east you actually get machine service coffee tea hot chocolate. Water soft drink. Here we get nothing and macho.rd never pay.

21 August 2021 1:26

Very dissappointed with the value for money at Crown Towers. $700 for 1 night and we had to wait in line 20mins to check in. The valet parking was not really valet parking. Again another line to hand over the parking pass and then another wait for the car to be bought around. No complimentary water in the room. No access to the Crystal Lounge. Our deluxe room which was not the cheapest option got us a view of the swamp and adjacent apartments. Not worth the money at all. This wouldn't happen at any other 5 star hotel. On a high note, buffet breakfast was excellent.will go there again.

10 August 2021 23:39

Great hotel and an even better business. Stayed in a studio room. Spacious, good view, highly technological room (p-pad controlled), $20 hire-able movies. Compared the Ritz-Carlton this review must be 4 stars

07 July 2021 11:30

Had a wonderful time. Exceptional customer service everywhere. Great room, amazing food. Can't be faulted. Thank you!

24 April 2021 18:05

Very dissapointed! The room was lovely. The food was lovely. Dissapointed with the care and wellbeing of guests from management. In January I spent 3 night with family at Crown Towers Perth. On the first morning by the pool a faulty pool chair that needed repair collapsed on my finger fracturing it in three places. I was in excruciating pain for the rest of my stay and could not enjoy my family's time who had come from over east to see me. I could not feed myself any many other things without the assistance of my husband. I spent the first day in hospital. My husband and I met with a kind manager, I stated that I we would like to come back for our anniversary and that if we could please be complimented with 3 free nights accommodation to make up for my finger fractured in 3 places. She said she would fight to get us a free nights stay. We got given a card to contact management higher up. I contacted management asking if we could please be complimented 3 nights to make up for the loss of enjoyment experiance of our stay. I recieved a email back informing me that we would have to spend more money to recieve any compliment. The compliment was that if we spent money and rooked again we wpuld get a room upgrade and free vale parking. I am very dissapointed and disgusted of the care and wellbeing of hotel guests recieved from top management.

21 April 2021 2:11

Amazing stay, amazing view, amazing room, amazing vibe. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the pool was closed and we weren't allowed to use the pool next door

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