Chu Bakery

Last Update: May 2022

Address 498 William St, Highgate WA, Australia
Phone +61 475 668 973
Categories Bakery
Rating 4.3 36 reviews
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Chu Bakery Reviews [2022]

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02 May 2022 8:38

Delicious baked goods and coffee. Just need a buzzer for those waiting for orders. It's painful watching the staff yell out names and wastes their time.

30 April 2022 12:25

Delicious pastries but the line is long and you need to get there early for the desserts before they run out. Coffee is standard though

20 April 2022 18:44

What is the most brilliant dessert? Croissant? A vegemite scroll? A Coffee Caramel Macadamia twice baked croissant? A Chu Creation. Brilliant.highly delicious. Once a Chu creation has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate. Once it is fully formed - fully understood - that sticks; right in there somewhere.

16 April 2022 12:57

Hands down the best bakery in Perth. The tomato and mozzarella baguette is to die for as are their pastries.

22 March 2022 6:22

Friendly service and one of the best coffees I've had in a while. I got the pistachio croissant which was delicious! Great for morning walks in Hyde Park:)

15 March 2022 20:03

Can’t fault it, except having to line up because everyone wants a taste! Their matcha lattes & pastries are my favourites

15 January 2022 10:36

Went there today during midday (11am) their was a queue. No indoor seating however the food and hospitality was incredible which was worth the wait. The lady and gentlemen serving me was very helpful and I recommend the Charlie bun

09 December 2021 0:59

Absolutely appalling customer service. 1 hour wait in a little que. 4 people in at a time but Staff are so slow serving people and more interested in talking among each other rather then concentrate on service. You really need to push for better efficiency. A lot of people walked away after waiting to long. Not family friendly either. People go to Miller & baker around instead, absolutely amazing food and service.

30 August 2021 1:31

Hey guys, came all the way from fremantle to try out the coffee and croissant today. After standing in line for almost 45 mins.ordered a traditional croissant and coffee. I had no idea the croissant will be handed out cold without getting toasted or not even asked if i need it toasted/warmed. I asked anyways and was told no facility to toast it. Coffee was good though.

26 August 2021 16:41

Excellent fresh breads and viennoiseries, typical of what can be found in most of boulangeries in France. The coconut and raspberry almond croissants are a must, it was the first time I tried it since it does not really exist in France and it was delicious! A little bit expensive, but I guess it is what it costs to get real bread and croissants in Australia! Nevertheless the bread can be a little bit burned sometimes.

30 July 2021 14:07

My fav bakery in Perth.

We had a wonderful experience with each one of our products. Hazelnut Paris-Brest, Chocolate Eclairs, Choco Chu, Fresh Strawberry creamy tart, Cinnamon/Mango Passionfruit/ Salted Caramel doughnuts, they’re absolutely fabulous. I can tell you the quality of the ingredients is beyond the average of others 200%. I love my cold brew too. They are just right near hyde park, you must come here to try their cup of coffee and dessert. The early in the day the better because they sold out everything pretty early every day. GOOD LUCK!

06 July 2021 8:45

Nice cakes but not impressed with the croissants, bit overpriced to me. Good coffee and service

06 August 2019 10:08

Came here with my son because of the hype. However, the hype is more interesting than the actual products. Their products are good, however, I definitely had better pastries in Singapore. What made my visit unpleasant, that must be mentioned, was the inexcusable service. Waited for so long to even place an order, greeted by a lady that didn't smile at me, in fact, she looked angry and sounded very rude to me. Not only that, she threw my packed puffs and croissants on the counter top like this place is her own home. I was shocked. Overall very cold, abrasive and poor customer service. Will definitely write about this in my Singapore influencer blog. Won't come back at all and will spread the word.

05 August 2019 7:09

Worth the long queue wait. Very nice croissant and coffee. My tip is to enjoy your goodies across the road at the park.

24 July 2019 6:30

The store itself is very small so if you see a group of people outside, they might not be in line, just enjoying their coffee, don’t be afraid to head to the door and check. Great pastries and coffee, parking is your biggest issue around here.
On holidays and weekends there’s almost always a new item for sale, check their Instagram for updates.

18 July 2019 11:02

Every time I come here there is a line up but that's a great thing when you get to experience the food and desserts it's so worth the wait.

18 July 2019 3:18

Excellent coffee, best take on cinnamon scroll (twist) which stays soft for hours in the open, doesn't dry edge like others. Baguettes have perfect crack when bitten or broken. Sweet treats have attention to detail with all the simple components perfectly executed, don't you hate it, no matter where you go, and how simple the item, your fave treat, has one defect, not here.

25 June 2019 7:43

Coffee was okay. Pastries were very expensive, and a little hit and miss.
Praline eclair had a gorgeous delicate hazelnut creme filling, but was overpowered by the super sweet chocolate ganache on top and the pastry tasted very slightly stale.
Lemon cheesecake not a cheesecake but a vanilla bean mousse on top of a lemon curd tart - perfect top to bottom, delicious, but very pricey at $8.50 for a smallish tart.
Almond and raspberry croissant was very good - lovely flakey buttery croissant, delicious filling.
It looks like they have some beautiful choux cream puffs sometimes, but didn't see them today.
Disappointingly, the store did not smell good - stepping in you're hit with an aroma of unpleasantly burnt coffee and something strangely chemical.
Overall would not recommend going out of your way to visit, but would recommend if you're in the area and don't mind spending quite a lot on average to slightly above average desserts.

23 June 2019 4:13

I was so happy to visit Chu bakery finally.but probably I had too high expectation. Almonds croissant was too oily, seeds sourdough was just too hard.
Lovely presentation, overpriced.

30 January 2019 14:03

I’ve been following these guys on Instagram and when I arrived in Perth for the first time I had to visit their store! I could smell the bakery from down the road. Their tarts and pastries were soooo good- fluffy and buttery. Loved it.

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