Belvedere Caravan Park

Last Update: May 2022

Address 153 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA, Australia
Phone +61 8 9535 1213
Categories RV Park
Rating 3.7 39 reviews
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Belvedere Caravan Park Reviews [2022]

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02 May 2022 12:47

I had a lovely stay at Mandurah Coastal Holiday park, nice little playground, toilets were clean and maintained. But my favourite part about my visit was how helpful the receptionist Brenda was. She was so kind and went above and beyond to try and be as helpful as possible! Thanks so much!

14 April 2022 1:45

Lovely place to stay, people are friendly, toilets are clean and the sites are nice and shady for your tent or Fur babies. Would stay at mchp again, highly recommend a stay here

05 April 2022 11:29

Strongly recommend against staying at this park. Poor management and managers children trying to break into vehicles and damaging vehicles.

3 kids who stated that they were children of the park manager were going around pulling on door handles of several cars.

The kids removed one windscreen wiper on a car. I spoke with a gentleman who the kids identified as their dad and the park manager (he was walking around the park with his dog). I told him what his kids were doing and asked that he tell them to stop and to also return the windscreen wiper. I also asked that he attend our site to return the windscreen wiper. He said that he would. However, he did not attend our site. The kids returned a couple hours later looking at other camp sites.

We later found the windscreen wiper had been thrown over the boundary fence.

There are a number of positives for the park. However, when you have to be worried that the park managers own kids are going to break into your car or try and damage your car it negates any positives.

Stayed over the long weekend. This incident occurred on the Sunday.

21 March 2022 23:53

Hello stayed there over the last 3 nights.
Was going to give it 5 Stars as very clean and well maintained.
However woken up Sunday morning at 5 am to yelling and screaming.
When dropping to key back to office at about 8 am, right next to office there was a group siting on the ground drink booze.
Really this is not a good look and really down grades this caravan park
Not sure why management would let this happen

14 February 2022 12:31

This was our third Christmas/New Year staying here and unfortunately will be our last.
The park is filled with so many semi permanent vans and they look so run down. Since last Christmas behind our usual site was a semi permanent family of 4 and their site was a mess and was using our power and encroaching on our site when we arrived. Doesn’t seem to be many care takers around paying much attention to this. Really hope they can improve on this and put a bit more love back into the park.

07 October 2021 4:06

It was ok there doing work on it so i think by summer it should look a lot better toilets and showers was very very clean sites are a good size. Pot hole need filling its a bit rough driving to find your spot. Beach and pub 5 mins walk.we was told not to leave anything out side of the van as it might go for a walk.

21 May 2021 20:56

Great spot well priced very friendly customer service very accommodating beautifully clean. My only drawback was very close to a busy road and road noise. I suggest when you book to asked to be put further down the back

03 May 2021 15:34

Good clean fercilitys but the park is open and there was random groups of people walking through.

10 April 2021 3:47

Great place to stay, great facilities and very friendly and helpful staff. Will definitely be back.

06 February 2021 17:38

Awesome place to stay for the price. I paid $99 for my own cabin with en-suite. Big bed with freshly laid sheets, Air conditioning, cabin was very clean and tidy. Lady's at the counter very friendly and helpful. I've definitely found my little spot to relax.

28 January 2021 1:10

Stayed for one night in a ' chalet ' with my wife and mither in-law. Clean and tidy but a little compact. A family of four would find it cramped if staying more than one night.

j smith
15 January 2021 0:03

We stayed as a couple with our own motorhome.

Of course we had to pay a bond which was refundable.
But they also gave us a promotion that means we didn’t have to pay rent for a certain period of time.

I want to tell you that the permanent residents, June and family and Danny. Are the most beautiful people I have ever met.

There is some people there that just drink every day but they leave everyone alone.

The staff are amazing and we never had any problems.

14 January 2021 5:51

Fantastic caravan park. Great facilities and so close to everything. Will definitely be going back

13 January 2021 12:02

Perfect place to relax and unwind. All types of accommodation and facilities to boot. Close to restaurants and shopping and beach access for all including dogs

26 December 2020 2:51

Clean and equipped facilities. Lovely shaded spots. Central location to the city centre and marina.

07 December 2020 4:51

Very nice Caravan park to stay in Mandurah. We only stayed one night. But we wanted to stay another

05 December 2020 19:30

Since previous management left this place has become a joke, toilets backed up, nothing for kids to do not to mention the owner is a rude obnoxious cow, abusing my pregnant partner in front of our 3 yr old, promised us permanent accomadation 4 months ago, never happened just took advantage of a family during covud 19.
Current accomadation had no cooking or hot water for 4 days.
My advice, anywhere but here.

29 July 2020 11:19

Very disappointed after confirming that morning for late check-in, that one of the two booked cabins fully paid for had been flooded and we where ‘meant’ to have been upgraded! Not the problem, but where a little concerned that they had flooding issues.

One half of our booking arrived before we did and discovered in fact our upgraded cabin was now downgraded and only able to accommodate 4 of the 5 guests booked in, so not only did 7 people have to cram in to two smaller than booked cabins. The supply of linen for the pull out coaches was not adequate for the weather conditions nor was the cleaning COVID-19 clean.mattress protector with a chip and plenty of sand. The other cabin wasn’t much better. And some rubbish under the pull out bit to boot.

Refund was offered and confirmed, to date no response from the Manager/Team or refund to my account.
Very disappointed and want be using them in the future now, especially with this very lack lustre response.

26 July 2020 23:56

We spent just over 9 weeks here during we know this place well and it was an enjoyable time for us five. The park is in an incredibly central position close to everything including the beach. We had a large concrete site with plenty of space and grass surrounding it. Greg and Shireen are friendly and go out of their way to help where they can. Amenities are clean and modern, the Kitchen is brilliant with a large oven. BBQ facilities are top notch and the permanent residents are friendly. We would definitely recommend this for a place to stay. Oh and very reasonably priced also.

18 July 2020 18:16

They have renovated the permanent housing and created a more fullfilling feeling when having lunch at the caravan parks BBQs. Honestly amazing I miss living here

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