Pedros Pizza

Last Update: May 2022

Address 223 Sheridan St, Cairns North QLD, Australia
Phone +61 7 4031 2241
Categories Pizza Restaurant
Rating 2.8 42 reviews
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Pedros Pizza Reviews [2022]

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02 May 2022 22:44

Literally the best fettuccine carbonara I’ve ever had. So delicious and nice big size. Garlic bread was so soft and fresh! The man at the counter/on the phone was so genuine and nice. 10/10 would come back again

23 April 2022 14:46

Awesome and tasty. Well balanced with all the ingredients and a good serve of bbq sauce. I LOVED IT.

16 April 2022 14:03

Had the ribs here on one occasion and ordered pizza a few times.
The ribs are fantastic, very plentiful with a great BBQ sauce. The pizzas are a cut above the rest.
No long wait times and good prices.

I'll be back

31 March 2022 17:41

Worst lasagne I've ever had. They used to do a decent one, but this was mostly ruddery chewy belchamel sauce, hardly any meat, tomato sauce. Was even tough to cut with a steak knife. Couldn't eat it, total waste of money.
They've lost me!

26 March 2022 21:31

Appears to be under new management.

Pizza is massively overtopped and doesn’t seem properly cooked as a result. Combined with very little mozzarella the massive lumps of ingredients fall off the slice. Not any way pizza is supposed to be. Staff try hard but seem oblivious to this deficiency. Avoid the “gourmet” range, it is not the same quality as it was years ago. The garlic bread was simple but excellent.

Hopefully this place can find a new niche instead of living in its own shadow, but until then go elsewhere, as it is now very expensive for a mediocre at best pizza.

16 March 2022 18:14

We got a take away family size pizza (half hawain / capricciosa). Almost 9pm in a “humble” looking place. We were not expecting much, specially considering the time for the order but definitely they surprised us on a very positively way!

Looks like a family business. With a GREAT customer service. Their little girl making sure we were getting the good stuff and offering all the extras. She is definitely on the sale business.
The food was very good and the experience amazing.
Thank you so much to serve us so well even on the last minute!

26 September 2021 13:28

Terrible service. Staff member was too busy being chatted up by some bloke to be worried about customers. She was taking money and touching the slicing pizza blade without washing her hands. Totally unhygienic in an age of COVID. Pizza was cold and dry. Have been here before and it was great unlike this time. My advice, go somewhere else.

11 September 2021 15:30

Bitterly disappointed first time customer. Completely undercooked, barely even warm! Toppings “plentiful” but common…hardly “gourmet”

09 September 2021 0:08

Worst Pizza in Cairns
Pedro's used to be the best. Obviously changed had green capsicum loaded with cheese and a pile of cheap tomato paste all over. Also cold and stale. I'm sure it was someone else's order cancelled and left for ages. Never going bac k there again. Better just up the road at Adobe motel. Little Riccardo. The best in town.

13 August 2021 17:08

Absolutely delicious menu. Huge toppings with great flavors, makes the big corporate, mainstream pizza establishments look like amateurs selling soggy toast! Friendly staff and definitely recommended for a quality meal.

10 August 2021 15:14

Cappricosa Pizza was 21 dollars and salty most of it had to be thrown away.hopefully it might be better on other occasions. I will attempt a second go sometime.

02 August 2021 11:23

Called ahead to order. Told 20 min wait.waited 40 for a pizza that wasn't cooked. Also quality was lacking hardly any cheese to hold it together. Staff are very rude

27 July 2021 10:31

Totally avoid! This is not proper Italian! It’s awful!

I am so shocked that because it’s a holidays area people think it’s ok to service very bad quality food. This was hands down the worst carbonara spaghetti I have ever had. It was like it was cheap noodles it didn’t even seem like pasta. The pizza was terrible

12 July 2021 22:09

Unfortunately not a good experience.
I ordered take away, 2 spaghetti Carbonara but when I got back to the hotel to eat, 1 of them was with fettuccini, not even told about it.
It was the driest and most bland Carbonara I have had anywhere, barely any sauce or bacon at all.
Would not recommend this place.

15 June 2021 17:58

I have had bad pizza in my life but nothing compares to what I just experience. It's not hard to get a pizza right. Will I ever go back. Not even if I was starving

09 April 2021 17:02

The worst pizza and ribs I have ever had. Pre made commercial food. Pizza bases are dry and taste like the supermarket brands in the packets.
Ribs were tough and had a jar full of sauce pored over them. Garlic bread was still raw.
My husband picked food up from store. They got the order wrong and he said it looked very dirty

08 April 2021 12:01

Food is a bit overpriced compared what you got. I just had fettuccine special which is 17$ but they missed bacon in it so I just had pasta with sauce and black olive also the pasta was overcooked and soaky. Pizza was alright a bit too sweet for me. 3 star for Lovely service.

23 February 2021 14:08

Great pizza, full bodied and flavoursome. Friendly staff, clean shop and close to town. Meal deals available.

12 February 2021 2:16

Walked in was not even greeted properly and was told that the place was closed because the door was "shut" and said can't you see the blue sign flashing closed, But meanwhile there were still people waiting for their pizzas and this was at 6.30pm. What a way to start to the New Year. Definitley not coming back and yes the menu is so overpriced.

16 January 2021 3:15

First time to Cairns decided on pizza.over 2 hours wait for delivery and never showed up 15 calls trying to find out what the go was and no answer also paid for over the phone.not even a one star look out manager tomorrow

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