North Kirra SLSC

Last Update: May 2022

Address Pacific Parade & Lang Street, North Kirra QLD, Australia
Phone +61 7 5599 2090
Categories Surf Lifesaving Club, Bar, Restaurant
Rating 3.2 43 reviews
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North Kirra SLSC Reviews [2022]

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12 January 2022 8:36

The chicken in the chicken schnitzel was -1/10.we're locals been several times but the food was not good.the chips definitely over cooked!

21 December 2021 12:44

Birthday lunch
Overcast day and few people there.
Lunch was enjoyable and the beach ambiance was spectacular.
Service was very prompt and the attitude and professionalism of the wait staff was great.
An enjoyable club.

05 November 2021 4:37

This place is a ittle Gem. Staff always friendly. Been going here awhile now and we have to say the food is outstanding. Today I had Salmon with mash and my man had Waguu Berger. Both amazing.

27 October 2021 20:14

Usually a great spot with great food, music, staff and the views. Today, due to staff shortages during NSW lockdown it was evident they struggled. We wish them the best and look forward to the usual great service and food next time. Good luck.

07 July 2021 14:10

Great little gem. Live music and a cool drink with a nice view. Perfect way to finish off a weekend afternoon

04 July 2021 21:58

Great spot for a lunch or dinner. Our table had spring rolls, cobb loaf, chicken burger and caesar salad, all were fresh and tasty and a good size.

23 June 2021 7:56

Great meals great staff. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was the fact when you first walk in there's a distinct smell of stale beer.

04 June 2021 20:56

Lovely views and ambience.
Staff pleasant and helpful.
However, all other meals looked lovely but, whatever you do, don't order the rump steak! So tough you needed a chainsaw to cut it.
Probably the fault of their suppliers as well presented but inedible.

22 March 2021 2:04

Not a good experience unfortunately. I took the time to book a table a couple of weeks ago. We ordered entrees and mains. Mains came out about 5 mins after our entrees so they took them back and must have set them aside because another 10 mins later they took away the entree plate - we were still eating! (Chicken wings) then put down our mains. I was still holding a wing in my hand! Hence my pork belly and hubby's fillet steak tasted "steamed" from sitting under a warmer. We were VERY
rushed. Shame because I had read such good reviews

04 March 2021 18:31

Over the past 3 years I have called into this club about a dozen times.
The food has constantly been terrible.
I went there last night with 5 other friends.
The food that was served to us was disgusting.
I couldn't believe nor my friends that a cheif would let such poor quality food go to a table.
It's not like it was difficult fancy food to cook rather very simple.
It's a pity the cheif is letting this place down because it is in a great location with great staff outside the kitchen.

02 March 2021 6:38

Very nice meals not cheap but that's ok because it goes back to the surf lifesaving club nice chilled atmosphere over looking the beach of course nice staff too

28 February 2021 23:46

Tried to order jallipinos but they had run out, tried to order tequilla lime and soda! Sorry were out of tequilla, nevermind ill have bourbon and coke, sorry sir were out of coke would u like pepsi instead (yeah right) Worst steak eva! Grey, tough, cold, raw to under cooked tasteless rubbish and a blunt steak knife to boot.horrible experience wont be going back anytime soon

06 March 2020 20:23

Great little spot to have a meal and watch the waves. Generous portions, well cooked. Cold beer. What else do you need on a hot summer's day?

26 January 2020 23:39

I write a lot of reviews and 99% usually get a good rap. Tonight, I had the worse burger I have EVER had! (actually I did not eat it) I read a few reviews of people saying their shcnitsel was cooked the day before and reheated. My "wagyu" (don't believe it for a second) was cooked through though it was warm on the outside and literally COLD inside. There is only one way to do that and thats reheating. The chips that was advertised as beer battered was cold, stale and had absolutely no batter on them.
My meal was not the only bad meal at our table. 3/3 meals was absolutely rubbish and for the prices charged. $22 for a burger. Fn joke! Disgusted!
Saw other people leaving a lot of food on their plates.
To be fair, I did get a refund but there is no excuse to serve food to such low standard just because you have a great location.
Drive on and get anything from 7/11 instead.

02 January 2020 3:25

Venue was pleasant and we enjoyed the view. Unfortunately cant say the same for the food. I had snitzel which tasted like it had been cooked twice before and had been ready for lunch the previous day. Very dry. No excuse for that.

14 December 2019 14:17

Great food and staff providing excellent service without the flashing lights and crowds in other clubs. Also has a great view of the beach. Thanks to chef, staff and club

23 November 2019 6:44

Great place to meet friends. Chill on the back deck with a chilled beverage. Great place for warm summer days & balmy evenings!

19 November 2019 4:31

Oiliest fish and chips on earth, tough expensive steak. Live music on the deck so loud you have to shout at the person next to you at 5pm on a sunday. Keep driving

06 November 2019 9:52

Friendly service, great location. However the meals were hit and miss. I loved my calamari, my partner did not enjoy her barramundi at all.

24 October 2019 0:28

I had the roast vegetable salad for lunch & it was yum! Partner had a wagyu burger & fries. It looked huge. Both meals were good & to top it off, the lovely sea view was a bonus.
We would stop here again anytime we are in Kirra.

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