Harry Brown Liquor - Bracken Ridge

Last Update: May 2022

Address 154 Barrett St, Bracken Ridge QLD, Australia
Phone +61 7 3269 7011
Categories Liquor Store, Beer Store, Store, Wine Store
Rating 3.4 22 reviews
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Harry Brown Liquor - Ipswich — 170 Brisbane Rd, Ipswich QLD
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Harry Brown Liquor - Bracken Ridge Reviews [2022]

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When choosing a business to work with, it is always important to do your research in order to make an informed decision. Today, this is especially true, as there are countless companies competing for our business and trying to convince us that they offer the best products and services.

02 May 2022 20:55

To be standing at counter ready to pay and the young girl says just wait a minute and goes to answer phone in bottle shop is the height of customer rudeness. If the phone needs to be answered have two people at the counter otherwise let the phone ring back. Very rude customer service whitey

20 April 2022 6:30

Love this place that the reason giving 3 star …. As a local I came almost ever week to buy drinks…asked Staff to get more bottle of scotch as there was only one on the self, this guy totally get irritated and come with an answer non left come on mate.that ok acceptable could be low on stock but the way he responds it’s not acceptable… if you are the manager mate you need to learn customer service skill and how to behave as a professional…. Very disappointed

16 April 2022 20:04

Amazing bottle shop the staff are always really friendly and I find they are generally cheaper than Dan Murphy's

14 March 2022 13:32

This place has great deals, amazing range, it's large with a great interior. The only complaint I could make is that occasionally the staff aren't the most welcoming. Nothing bad, just nothing great.

18 February 2022 4:50

Best Liquor store in Brisbane made all that much better by Toni and Sue who always treat me and all their customers amazingly and are a huge part of the reason I keep coming back. Huge thanks

17 February 2022 9:56

Usually love coming and buying my drinks here, but this morning I came and bought a box of seltzas and realised I was over charged. Called up and asked if I was able to obtain a refund or exchange the product for something else.
Spoke to the manager on shift over the phone and she apologised for the inconvenience and told us to come back in for the refund. When arrived the same manager was working rude to us and the other staff that were trying to help us.
I’m Slightly disappointed in the treatment we received.

04 January 2022 13:18

If your going to sell cheap Pepsi which is out of date Pepsi by 8 months please highlight its cheap due to expiry date, not that its on special offer. It tastes gross.

21 November 2021 22:56

Went here a few weeks ago and both staff on the front counter didn’t even acknowledge me and never said a word to me. Even the person stocking shelves didn’t ask if I needed help. Won’t be going back!

23 September 2021 1:27

Good bottle shop attached to the Bracken ridge tavern.
The new layout is really good.

09 September 2021 18:10

Absolutely love this store however the beer section is a bit limited to the original good stuff

05 September 2021 0:53

Disgraceful treatment. I went in there today to buy a carton of beer for my Advocate to thank him for all his help. I'm a disabled veteran TPI and was refused service because I was not wearing a mask even though I have a medical exemption. I was told to leave the store and that it was store policy (by the manager who was NOT wearing a mask himself). This IS breaking the law as per the Qld Legal Aid. They are ONLY able to refuse service if I refuse to wear a mask and have no exemption. A complaint has been filed with the Qld Human Rights Commision. Disgraceful behaviour.

29 August 2021 1:52

Has a good craft beer range, staff are friendly.
Constantly waiting 1-3 weeks for new beers to be ‘put into the system’, its ridiculous.
I have started going elsewhere.

07 August 2021 8:20

Spam marketing email of free delivery during lockdown, but doesn't even deliver to CBD area, let alone south side of Brisbane.

11 July 2021 23:16

Great prices on beer, even better they sale D.b export and a few other kiwi beers cheers to you all

09 July 2021 12:22

Terrible website to look up things when you search for something keeps coming up error after the pages loads very annoying

03 July 2021 20:00

Cheaper than Dan Murphy’s 80% of the time and very knowledgeable staff. Renovations also looks amazing. Crazy extensive craft beer and wine range too. Tastings and tasting bar actually pretty extensive too if you wanted to try before you buy. Would recommend.

20 April 2021 22:35

I reckon it is better than Dan Murphys for price, selection and service and your money doesn't go to a big corporate entity.

03 March 2021 0:09

Awesome buy on Saturday night. Drive 7km and still saved $10 on a carton of Asahi compared to my nearest bottle-o price. So of course I snuck in a Bundy and Cola premix as well.

05 February 2021 22:36

Very wide selection of liquors, beers and other alcohol drinks. Very helpful and friendly staff. Worth a visit anytime.

15 December 2020 13:49

Harry brown is definitely the best price liquor store in bracken ridge staff are lovely and great deals every week I've been coming here for over a year now and I refuse to go anywhere else now the best deal they have in my opinion is the Jim beam White label cans which are always 75 a carton it's the same for johnny Walker and cola canadian club and I think bundy rum still if I'm correct

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