Best Ford Dealer Queensland: reviews

Last Update: May 2022

In category «ford dealer» found 35 companies with reviews and contacts, top 20:

1. Q Ford - 3344 Pacific Mwy, Springwood QLD
38 reviews
Not really sure I want to purchase another vehicle from this they tried to charge me a 13% interest rate. Ended up going through a financial...

2. Motorama Ford - 1166 Ipswich Rd, Moorooka QLD
32 reviews
Tarryn and the Ford team we’re extremely efficient and very helpful with the whole process. They made everything easy as we didn’t live in Brisbane...

3. Sunshine Ford - 292 Southport Nerang Rd, Southport QLD
35 reviews
Really happy with our experience and our new car. Rowan is great and went out of his way to help us get what we wanted, including a good deal. Thanks Team!...

4. Torque Ford - 1658 Anzac Ave, North Lakes QLD
37 reviews
Was told it will only take 30mins to 1 hr for tthe air bag replacement and wasn't worth them dropping me home. 2 and a half hours of waiting in the...

5. Bremer Ford - 34 Brisbane Rd, Ebbw Vale QLD
46 reviews
Put my car in for a service and was greeted warmly by the girls behind the desk, before being served by Jason. He was absolutely wonderful and very...

6. Nova Ford - 1 Spitfire Ct, Caboolture QLD
23 reviews
Service was second to none, very courteous staff, Recommended if you are looking for a new vehicle

7. Metro Ford Newstead - 95 Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead QLD
38 reviews
Great service from Craig and Ben, really explaIned things through very well and I am very happy with my new car. Thanks ford metro!

8. Byrne Ford Used Cars - 496-512 Gympie Rd, Kedron QLD
46 reviews
This dealership knew we were coming to test drive a car we put a holding deposit on 3 days prior (we live 4 hours away). Arrived at the dealership and...

9. Trinity Ford - 94 McLeod St, Cairns City QLD
35 reviews
Appalling service. My parents put in their car for a service, they didn't detect the problem that the service was booked for yet sent them away with a dodgy...

10. Moreton Bay Ford - 154 Redland Bay Rd, Capalaba QLD
21 review
When dropping the vehicle off it felt I was being rushed to answer questions & hand ovet the car. Upon collecting the car I was asked if I wanted...

11. Scenic Hyundai - 2-4 Telemon St, Beaudesert QLD
27 reviews
As I live so far away I appreciated the way they were able to support this. After choosing my car I got a personalised video sent to me of the car...

12. Pacific Ford - 122-124 Sugar Rd, Maroochydore QLD
6 reviews
Tried to book in my 4wd for a tyre change and was told by a ride staff member on the phone that I needed all the details about the tyre to book it in...

13. Reef City Motors - 30 Blain Dr, Callemondah QLD
30 reviews
Very clean workshop and great service from Rebecca the service receptionist. Found a date to service my car.

14. Fraser Coast Ford Hervey Bay - 37 Torquay Rd, Pialba QLD
23 reviews
I took my ranger in for a service because of the recall on the brake lines. After driving it home, my wife took it to the local shop. The following...

15. Mackay City Ford - 21 Nelson St, Mackay QLD
32 reviews
There new service manager its fantastic! I will take all my cars to them now.
Don't worry people the old manager is long gone!

16. Southside Ford - 69 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba QLD
23 reviews
Not only did Southside Ford claim there was nothing wrong with my vehicle but they got the Ford Australia rep to make a million excuses. I had to send...

17. Coral Coast Ford - 26 Bourbong St, Bundaberg Central QLD
8 reviews
Just rang to get a radio code for our car, was told it would be a $25 charge, rang Ford Australia and was happy to give it for free.that says it all I guess...

18. Byrne Ford Service Kedron - 18 Glentanna St, Kedron QLD
21 review
Very rude and pushing the extras. Difficult to trust them. Was a regular customer but I won't be back.

19. Pacific Ford - 721 Nicklin Way, Currimundi QLD
25 reviews
The service was great and informative. Jamie was excellent and not the usually pushy car salesman. We will be buying a Wildtrack off him in the near future...

20. Moreton Bay Ford Service Mansfield - 4-5/140 Wecker Rd, Mansfield QLD
11 reviews
Recently I booked my ranger into this repair agent for a recall matter. A few days prior to this the metal part of my key got stuck in my ignition...

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