Uluru Sunrise Viewing Area

Last Update: May 2022

Address Mutitjulu NT 0872, Australia
Categories Tourist Attraction
Rating 4.1 38 reviews
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Uluru Sunrise Viewing Area Reviews [2022]

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29 August 2021 7:16

Wow just wow, this just speaks for it self. Highly recommend to see.

You get to see the side of uluru that we really don't see in the usual photos of uluru.

24 August 2021 0:32

We arrived just after 6: 30 while still dark. Parked at the end of the carpark and followed the orange/yellow light track to the ground level viewing area Infront of the shelter. There was only one other couple there for most of the sunrise. Most people seem to crowed the higher viewing platform.

13 August 2021 6:19

Awesome spot for sunset. BIG TIP. Head right to the end of the carpark and there is a bunch of sitting logs on the ground with no trees to block the view

05 August 2021 12:00

It is a must to wake up early and see the sunrise over Uluru and this lookout is honestly just perfect for it. The colours that array off the rock is beautiful.

The cost to get into the national park is $35 per person for 3 days so make this part of one of the days, get there at least 15-30 mins before sunrise for a good park and to see the extent of colours.

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22 July 2021 15:11

Sunrise viewing is not the best to observe the sunrise, as it is situated on the south of Uluru (winter only probably). It is also crawded with people and you need to walk to the platform. However if you wait 1hr after sunrise all people are gone and the view is great. Nice short walks around the viewing platform. Great to visit but not for sunrise in winter

22 July 2021 8:49

As some explained walk along lower path not upwards, to 2nd or last sheler no trees block view, only go if sunny rather point less if cloudy

19 July 2021 0:57

Get up early to watch the colours of Uluru from this great vantage spot, the buses have their own area so not too crowded when the magic happens

08 July 2021 16:12

Was great to see an Uluru sunrise. The only thing about this spot is the few trees that impede on what I hoped was an uninterrupted view/photo opportunity of the rock

05 July 2021 19:59

One of the best places to watch the sunlight paint over the amazing red rock. Be sure to arrive at least half hour before Sunrise to secure a good spot. There are a few sheltered viewing huts and an open elevated platform. The views would vary with the growth of vegetation in the line of sight.

We were fortunate to witness a double rainbow over the rock on what could easily have been a wet and dull Sunrise.

08 June 2021 8:31

The different colours of the lights guiding the walk in the dark was a very nice clearly indicates which part of the area you're at before sunrise.

02 June 2021 7:57

This is another fantastic location within the park to view Uluru. Get here in plenty of time before the sun rises to get a prime spot. The platforms are great but head down the path to the furthest hut for the most unobstructed view and less people. Fly nets are still great in the morning.:)

24 May 2021 13:39

Not to be missed experience, you are at the mercy of mother nature but this monolith is a wonder to see in all its variations.

01 May 2021 20:29

Make sure you set a camera on time-lapse mode so that you can view it again.
It's really great to see how sunlight changes the shade of Ayers Rock.

25 April 2021 7:47

If you can handle too many flies, it's gonna be awesome, i mean definitely you should buy the net for protecting your face from flies if you wanna enjoy this travel.

24 March 2021 17:21

Loved it!
No words to describe it. You MUST see it for yourself. Amazing! Recommended

23 March 2021 21:31

Great place a well laid out. Catered for wheelchairs really well. The toilets had no flies at all and were clean and tidy. Not many people go out for the Sunrise but there is lots of parking and you get the opposite side of Uluru.

22 March 2021 6:00

Sometimes in life, one comes across a time.a place.or even a moment, that makes you question your acceptance of the current global situation.
Economic upheaval, battles between pandemic warriors and pandemic worriers, religious persecutors and tricks zealots, tik tok champs and tik tok chumps all vying for your attention, trying to force you to like and support their movement.
Uluru, is not like that. The sunrise at Uluru will see you viewing a squat and stark monolithic representation of true Australia. Backdropped by deep blues fading down to light blue then orange, the ever changing colours given to you by Uluru ensure that every minute of viewing is different to the next and your angle of viewing can change whether you can sign that special selfie with just Uluru in the background or, with clever composition, include Kata-Tjuta as well.
Definitely worth the early rise.

12 March 2021 1:20

We left early to get here about 20mins before sunrise. A small walk to get to the top. Either direction in takes you there.

There are a few little stops on the way if it gets crowded. Our visit was a little over cast but still good to view the rock. Images don't translate the beauty of Uluru very well.

We walked the the base of Uluru after.

03 March 2021 8:35

This place is amazing! Short walk from the car park to the viewing platform. As soon as the sun rises so do the pesky flies.magical!

14 February 2021 21:34

Just loved the experience of sunrise here. To view the Rock turn red when the sun's Raya falls on it, make sure you're there as early as possible cos this place can get crowded soon.

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